IELTS Writing Evaluation Service – 1 Essay


IELTS Writing Evaluation Services – 1 Essay



IELTS Writing Evaluation Services – 1 Essay (Score Only)

ONE ESSAY of the writing evaluation service is included. Your writing can be either a Task 1 or Task 2 of an IELTS writing exam (Academic or General).

What to write about? You can choose your own topic, just send the writing along with the task questions to us.
What if I don’t have a topic or question? Let us know and we can send you one!

Service includes:

  • Score Estimation
  • Writing must be submitted within 5 days of purchase
  • Result to be given within 24 hours



IMPORTANT: The confirmation email of your purchase will provide you with the link to log back into your account to submit your writing.

SCORE ONLY SERVICE: Your band scores will be sent to you within 24 hours upon your submission of your writing (in the correct format – please read below).


  1. You can choose either Task 1 or Task 2 of Academic of General Training exam questions when you submit your work
  2. You can choose to improve on the same piece of writing as subsequent submissions (if you provide a resubmission of the first piece of writing, it will count as TWO essays being evaluated and the relevant charge will apply)
  3. We will not provide feedback on any piece of writing until you have provided us with the full question attached
  4. Our score prediction will be based on the IELTS public descriptors only (task 1 descriptor here; task 2 descriptor here)
  5. We will not provide the services until the payment has been cleared.
  6. We cannot guarantee the level of band scores given at your actual IELTS test will be the same as the ones we predicted. Each piece of writing is different, and the question varies. Also, the exam environment produces so many other factors that may affect your score on the test day.
  7. We cannot guarantee a band score improvement by joining this service, because improving on your band scores involves many factors that we cannot control of. The harder you work on to improve on the things we have suggested in our feedback, the more likely you will gear yourself in the right direction to improve the band scores.
  8. Once you have made the purchase you have agreed that all work or content you have submitted or created (writing and speaking) can be saved by IELTS experience and reused for future educational, marketing, and commercial purposes. If you need to opt-out please contact us directly on admin@ieltsexperience.com

Frequently Asked Questions

You can find our FAQs at the bottom of our services page here.

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